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Electrostatic Disinfecting: Cleaning's Secret Weapon

The importance and value of cleaning have never been more evident than it has since the onset of the pandemic. And now, everyone is aware, and most are making cleaning a priority and not merely a chore. The problem has always been, really getting things clean. That includes those corners that can't be reached, that hide, and those hidden places that hide germs, bacteria, and other pathogens. And this is also where the benefits of Electrostatic disinfecting services take center stage. And where it takes care of all those hidden places too.

Electrostatic disinfecting uses positively charged disinfectants, applied through a sprayer device specialized for electrostatic disinfecting. As a result of the positively charged disinfectants, the cleaning solutions can not bond with negatively charged surface areas and spaces. That means a more thorough and effective cleaning process, in every corner of your home, business, or residence.

Contact us today and let our 247 Services, Inc. team take care of all your cleaning needs. Thank you for stopping by 247 Services, where we are here to help any hour of the day, any day of the week, 247.

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